Mindfulness in Therapy

Mindfulness means paying attention on purpose; in the present moment and non-judmentally (Jon Kabat-Zinn). We can tap into this inate skill at any given moment by shifting our attention.

By bringing a Mindful approach of present moment awareness and friendly curiosity to therapy, we can gain perspective on difficulties and discover new ways forward. In therapy, I sometimes introduce mindfulness practices to help with the management of stess, anxiety and depression.


Mindfulness Training

In addition, I run Mindfulness courses that help people set up their individual, regular mindfulness practice.

Through systematic training of attention, awareness and compassion, we learn to notice thoughts, feelings and physical sensations as they arise in the here and now and to meet our experience in a non-judgmental way. Step-by-step we learn to interrupt our habitual and unhelpful thinking patterns (i.e. rumination, overthinking) and explore alternative, less stressful ways of relating to ourselves, others and the world.

Underpinned by neurosicence and decades of research, mindfulness training facilitates the exploration of the interplay between our body and brain. It enables us to maximise our inner resources for coping, healing and growth. 

Upcoming Mindfulness courses

Participation in a mindfulness course is not therapy.


Jan 10 – Feb 14, 2017
Wednesday mornings, 8.00-9.30am, West Hampstead
6-week Mindfulness course for Busy People based on the MBSR curriculum

Please visit www.lucid-living.org or contact me for more information.


Oct 5 – Nov 23, 2017
Wednesday evenings, 8-9.30pm, Chiswick/Acton
8-week MBSR course following the Mindfulness based Stress Reduction programme

Nov 18, 2017
Saturday half day, 10am-2pm, Chiswick/Action
Silent Morning Retreat for experienced minduflness practitioners

Nov 8 – Dec 13, 2017
Turesday mornings, 8.15-9.45am, West Hampstead
6-week Mindfulness course for Busy People based on the MBSR curriculum


I had expected the Mindfulness training to feel like a chore as I have always found it difficult to be ‘still’ but to my surprise this wasn’t the case at all! With the guidance and support I discovered that I was able to make some big real-life changes. 

Caroline, Business Professional, UK, course participant 2016

Learning mindfulness has been a life-changing experience for me. It helped me control my anxiety and deal with it much better. The body-scan is my favourite practice and I sit every day.

P.M., Director, course participant 2015

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