Mindfulness skills for therapists

Workshop (CPD 2 hrs)
Friday 31/01/2020

Tailored for mental health professionals, this workshop aims to equip you with mindfulness skills.

Underpinned by decades of neuro-scientific research into contemplative and compassion practices, mindfulness training facilitates the exploration of the interplay between our body and brain. It enables us to maximise our inner resources for coping, healing and growth. Through systematic training of attention, awareness and compassion, we learn to notice thoughts, feelings and physical sensations as they arise in the here and now and to meet our experience in a non-judgmental way. Step-by-step we grow our skill of interrupting habitual and unhelpful thinking patterns (i.e. rumination, overthinking) and explore alternative, less stressful ways of relating to ourselves, others and the world. 

In this workshop we will explore the principles of mindfulness in both from a theoretical and experiential perspective to identify appropriate skills in treatment. Using case examples we will discuss the application of mindfulness skills in therapeutic work considering indications and contra-indications for different presentations.

  • Theoretical discussions
  • Case presentation
  • Experiential work
  • Literature list

Designed for newly qualified and seasoned private practitioners and counsellors.

CPD certificate (2 hrs) provided.

Costs: £40

To enquire & book: veronikakloucek@gmail.com

Learning mindfulness has been a life-changing experience for me. It helped me control my anxiety and deal with it much better. The body-scan is my favourite practice and I sit every day.
P.M., Director, (05/2015) course participant

I had expected the Mindfulness training to feel like a chore as I have always found it difficult to be ‘still’ but to my surprise this wasn’t the case at all! With the guidance and support I discovered that I was able to make some big real-life changes.
Caroline, Management, (10/2016) course participant

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