8-week Online Training (CPD 24 hrs)

16 October – 4 December 2021
Saturdays 9am-12pm UK
Online (Zoom)

Therapeutic Insight Professional Training

Translated live into Chinese, this CPD training is a practice-focussed, collaborative, experiential skills training that offers an opportunity to gain valuable practice experience in an international setting whilst broadening and deepening knowledge of therapeutic concepts and practice. 

In the early stages psychotherapists often find themselves wanting to solve a client’s problems and ease their troubles. Yet, it is an essential skill for any therapist to learn to resist this pressure as to not foreclose precious opportunities that can arise for deeper heeling when one holds the space with compassion and empathy. 

Designed for Chinese-speaking newcomers to the field and experienced therapists alike, the skills practice addresses various aspects of the therapeutic practice with bespoke tailored exercises and reflections, guidance and support. 

Learn about the therapeutic change process, embodied countertransference, client’s transference, therapeutic holding, and relational dynamics.


  • Theoretical lecture
  • Skills Practice & Fishbowls
  • Group discussion

CPD certificate (24 hrs) provided.  

Costs: please email.

To enquire & book: [email protected]


There are two points that have been particularly helpful for me. One, being able to hold the patient’s unresolved problem and the anxiety from it is an important ability in every session throughout the whole therapeutic process. Two, the tutor’s reminder to prepare myself for making mistakes before working with a patient, and to take a deep breath. This is so helpful.


Wenyu , Psychodynamic Therapist (12/2021)

Participating in the Therapy Skills Training has enabled me in my clinical practice to slow down and to be more patient, and to listen more attentively to my patients. I feel that I am more able to allow myself to sit in and with uncertainty and the unknown with my patients. 


Shanshan , Psychodynamic Therapist (12/2021)

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