10 Tips for Better Sleep

by | Jan 25, 2021

  1.  Get up at the same time every day
    Set up a routine to help your body get into a natural sleep rhythm.

  2. Exercise
    Regular exercise, not too close to bedtime, improves sleep.

  3. Spend time outside
    Being outside, preferably in nature, can improve the quality of your sleep.

  4. Look at your diet
    Try cutting down and avoid near bedtime caffeine, alcohol, sugar, rich food or a heavy meal.

  5. Have a wind down routine
    Set up an evening routine such as reading, having a bath, preparing for the next day. Focussing on your breathing for a few minutes or doing mindfulness or meditation helps calming the mind.

  6. Reduce screen time
    Melatonin is suppressed by the blue light from your phone or laptop. Turn off screens an hour before bedtime and use an alarm clock instead of your phone.

  7. Create a sleep sanctuary
    Keep your bedroom cool, dark and free from clutter.

  8. Waking up in the night
    Instead of indulging in thinking when you wake up in the middle of the night, try keeping the lights low but get up, go to the loo, or read until you feel sleepy again.

  9. Try not to worry
    Can you solve the problem right now? Yes, do it. No, hit the ‘pause’ button and worry about it tomorrow – it will still be there waiting for you – and give yourself permission to go back to sleep to increase the quality of your sleep.

  10. Seek support
    Reach out to a professional if you experience prolonged periods of interrupted or little sleep lasting more than a few weeks.