In-house Counselling Service

by | Oct 22, 2021

We support businesses with confidential Staff Counselling Services, Resilience Seminars, and HR support.

Having worked in the corporate world ourselves, we know in our own skin of the pressures and stress that can arise from trying to meet expectations and maintaining a good work-life balance. We work with organisations of all sizes and shapes, helping staff across the board from business leaders to administration.

In-House Counselling accompanying PMI

Private medical insurance is for many employees a determining factor in deciding between companies during a career change. However, when it comes to mental health support PMI’s often fall short. Restrictions and limitation to access are often revealed when most needed leaving employees with very limited support in dire times and companies with unhappy, less resourceful staff. 

In situations where motivation is low and pressure is high, difficulties are most effectively addressed with an approach that combines a solution focus with a relational exploration. Recent adaptations of the NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) guidelines have taken this need into account to include evidence-based relational therapies.

We offer bespoke and confidential one-to-one online Counselling sessions that integrate these approaches to help individuals address their situation. We also offer specifically developed Stress Resilience programs that are based on the hugely popular Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction program (MBSR) which has been proven successful over the last 30 years with individuals and corporates across the world.

We help companies to maintain a happy and fulfilling workplace and individuals to feel empowered and good about themselves, and to excel and have excellent working relationships with colleagues.

And we look forward to hearing from you with your enquiry!