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Therapy Skills 治疗技巧

Therapy Skills 治疗技巧

8-week Therapy Skills Training 治疗技巧 (online) 16/10-4/12/21 Live-Translation English/Chinese. Learn and Practice Active Listening 主动倾听…

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This was an extraordinary experience and I would like to thank Veronika for facilitating the Challenge of Change. It has touched me profoundly, and made me realise certain things about me that I can now challenge and do differently. I would have never expected this big impact from a workshop! 

Gabriella, Participant (1/2022)

Participating in the Therapy Skills Training has enabled me in my clinical practice to slow down and to be more patient, and to listen more attentively to my patients. I feel that I am more able to allow myself to sit in and with uncertainty and the unknown with my patients. 


Shanshan , Psychodynamic Therapist (12/2021)

Before attending this workshop I have only worked time-limited for a couple of months, thus I was really looking forward to learn more about it. Firstly, I found this workshop so helpful because it gave me a clear and concise insight of what means working with a time-limited framework. It also provided me with the differences between time-limited and open-ended work. Veronika is great in helping you to understand what it means working with a time-limited framework and she also allows you to connect and reflect on your own values of being a therapist while working in such framework. An added value was the possibility to discuss with other counsellors about a presentation of a client. I found very helpful discussing “assessment and formulation”, looking at their practical aspects but also putting theory into practice. For these reasons, I strongly recommend this workshop for trainees and accredited therapists!

Camilla A., Counselling Psychology Trainee (01/2020)

I enrolled on a Mindfulness training at the very beginning of my career and I was pleasantly surprised by the experience and outcome. I found Veronika to be knowledgable, compassionate and extremely holding. An excellent facilitator and teacher, she inspired me to update both my personal and professional tool kit. Mindfulness practise now plays an integral part in my client work with much success.

Lara, Integrative therapist (9/2017)